Wheat in the City

Lawns to Loaves explores the limits and possibilities of where our daily bread comes from. The goals are ambitious yet simple:

  • To successfully cultivate a hundred pounds of organic spring wheat within the city of Vancouver
  • To engage our communities in a thought experiment regarding what defines a farm and to symbolically challenge the dominant scale of grain production
  • To overlook traditional notions of efficiency and productivity for a moment in favor of the power of symbolism
  • To teach, engage, and excite all those who encounter this project at any and every stage

In May 2011, the Lawns to Loaves collective plants our first seeds in the ground.

Want to get involved in planting and harvesting?



Map of Lawns to Loaves 2011 Planting Locations:


3 responses

  1. I’m sorry but I don’t understand how this can possibly work. How can you yield enough wheat to make it worthwhile? How much land is needed to make a cup of flour? If your lawn only yields enough flour for a couple of loaves of bread, how is this a good plan?

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