Love and Exposure for Lawns to Loaves!

It’s been really wonderful hearing about people’s excitement around this peculiar project of ours. In the last few weeks, we’ve been approached by BCIT Broadcast Journalism student Megan Turcato and journalist Luke Brocki to talk about Lawns to Loaves.

In this short segment by Megan, she chats with L2L project participant, Revel Warkentin, and L2L project coordinator, Amy Tran:

In his Open File article, Luke Brocki talks grain gardens, 100 Mile Diet, and the symbolism of ancient grains in his interview with Chris Hergesheimer: From Backyard Grain, Local Bread

Another one of our project participants has also helped to create some buzz around Lawns to Loaves. The lovely Andrea Bellamy of the popular and inspiring Heavy Petal blog shares her thoughts on growing grain in the city. She was responsible for leading the mass wheat-planting of our largest Lawns to Loaves site at Cedar Cottage Community Garden. Check out her latest blog post complete with photos of the process: Lawns to Loaves: Growing Grain in the City!

Are you a journalist? A blogger? If you’d like to conduct an interview with the Lawns to Loaves team, feel free to get in touch! We can be reached at lawnstoloaves[at]


4 responses

  1. I haven’t a clue whether it would go as far as using the wheat to make bread, but I would be very interested to know whether any of the participants plan to harvest the “wheat berries” … very nutritious and super delicious. More of a specialty product, I guess, but that presumably would allow a slightly higher ROI for an enterprising person or two :-).

    Fabulous idea, either way. Congratulations to all involved in making it a reality!!

    • Hello J: We are leaving it up to the participants how they would like to use their harvest, but we are certainly encouraging them to contribute their wheat to our season-end celebration where we are hoping to produce pizza 🙂

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