An Unexpected Flurry of Attention

Who knew our little wheat-growing project would garner so much attention? The following articles have covered the Lawns to Loaves project as it relates to the City of Vancouver’s Greenest City Neighbourhood Grants program. And boy, what a stir it has caused:

Make room for a wheat field beside the chicken coop: Group seeks funding for Lawns to Loaves pilot project (Vancouver Sun, June 14)

NPA slams city’s vision of wheat in front lawns (24 Hours Vancouver, June 14)

Suzanne Anton engaging in cheap politics over green grants, Raymond Louie charges (Georgia Straight, June 14)

Why growing wheat in Vancouver actually makes sense (Vancouver Sun, June 15)

A non-Canucks story about wheat fields, bees and backyard chickens (, June 15)

Green grant to grow grain ‘goofy,’ Anton says (Globe and Mail, June 15)

Council greenlights ‘wheat’ project (Vancouver Courier, June 17)

Turning lawns into mini wheat fields (Westender, June 22)

Backyard wheat fields produce food for green-policy debate (Globe and Mail, June 25)