Threshing, now that’s fun!

Magic that was in the air as wheat from various “fields” came together to be processed last week. Thanks to everyone who participated! Don’t worry if you missed the fun, stay tuned for more wheat processing dates.

We learned all kinds of terms and techniques that seem to have stuck in our vocabulary and phyche without really knowing the roots, from;  separating the wheat from the chaff to making hay! In one sense it felt like traveling back in time, but at the same time it feels like the future!

The wheat threshing delighted several neighbours not expecting to find an urban wheat harvest being processed. Not something you see everyday! Many joined in the fun.  Here is one unsuspecting gardener’s blog.


Threshing event this Friday!

Join us this Friday, Sept 23, from 6-8pm for our threshing event! If we require extra time for threshing, we will hold an event the day after from 2-3:30pm. We will be meeting at the Strathcona Community Garden’s Eco-Pavilion.

If you can’t make it out to the event, here’s a video from Makaria Farm (Duncan, BC) demonstrating how to thresh (remove the seeds from the heads of wheat) and winnow (separate the chaff from the seeds) your wheat:


High-tech, eh?

Hope to see you this Friday!

Aftermath of Last Friday’s Wheat Harvest!

Last Friday, Chris Hergesheimer and members of the Cedar Cottage Community Garden harvested the vast, golden stands of wheat off of Hull Street and Victoria Drive in East Vancouver. Many hands make light work, as they say, and in no time at all, the wheat that was planted in May of this year was cut and bundled up.

Project participants as well as the general public will be invited to a “threshing” event in mid-September. If you are interested in attending this event, please contact us at lawnstoloaves[at] We promise it’ll be a stomping-good time 😉

Embrace the Symbolic

Photos from some of our Lawns to Loaves participants!

(Note that these are from relatively early in the growing season):

Wheat and poppies from Kelly’s plot
Beautiful stands of wheat (thanks, Kelly!)
Indeed. Love the sign, Emily!

Wait ’til you see what our wheat looks like now! More to come in the next post.