Lawns to Loaves Celebration 

Saturday October 22nd 10am-4pm at the Ecopavilion the garden house in the Strathcona Community garden near Prior and Hawks

A time to come together and celebrate the successful harvest of our urban wheat crops – and get plenty of hands on learning about wheat from plant to pizza. Neighbours and community groups are coming together to share in the bounty of this year’s abundant crop pooled from a number of plots throughout the city.


10am – Coffee from Ethical Bean and baked treats

10:30 – Slideshow featuring the Lawns to Loaves project

12noon – Rye 101

1pm – Pizza tasting. Made with our freshly milled flour. Bring your favorite topping to contribute! Fired in a drum oven by John Jandera from Terra Breads.

2pm – Slideshow featuring The Lawns to Loaves project

4pm – Wrap up

Throughout the day, drop in for:

Milling – The flour peddler shares his bicycle powered flour mill. Come lend a hand. (Or foot.) There’s also wheat that needs threshing and seperating wheat from the chaff. Come learn how!

Create a scarecrow with urban straw.

Take home a bag of rye to plant as a covercrop or to harvest as a grain in the summer. Learn more at 12noon at the Rye 101 Workshop.

Wood fired drum oven. Ready for pizza.


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