Wheat by Numbers

As 2011 Lawns to Loaves draws to a close, we’ve crunched some numbers as well as crunched some tasty local grains! After a year of growing and processing our own grains, everyone is even more grateful for the farmers and processors who take on producing our daily bread. Learning hands-on what it takes to produce flour has been a memorable experience for all.

The Lawns to Loaves workshops were a huge hit. We had more requests than we could accommodate. 

Students Reached: 190

School Yard Planted in Grains (approx.): 60’ x 60’

The learning objectives were:

  • Describe some of the different elements that compose our modern food system;
  • Describe different ways in which our food system impacts human and environmental health;
  • Describe how food has helped to shape human culture and civilizations through history;
  • Collaborate to construct a vision of a future community that is socially responsible and ecologically diverse;
  • List the steps in planting, caring for and harvesting wheat.

Culture and food have always been linked.

The first year of Lawns to Loaves supported individuals, schools and community  groups to plant red spring wheat.

So far we’ve milled 50 pounds of wheat

Lawns to Loaves is growing! In 2012 the list of local wheat cultivators is increasing. It will include more schools, a bakery, more neighbours, and you? If you’d like to get contacted in the spring about planting local grains email: lawnstoloaves@gmail.com


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