Inspiration is Mega Fun

The imagination is sparked by the Lawns to Loaves project. Even in this cold wet winter, the inbox continues to fill with stories of  how Lawns to Loaves has inspired. Check out some excerpts from a photo essay by Derek Spragg, a neighbour who attended the Lawns to Loaves celebration:

This first photograph got me so excited I had them put it back up on the screen three times as things kept going wrong for me in the rush; running out of camera memory, didn’t need the flash, etc, etc.  I loved it immediately because it said so much in such a simple manner.  And it epitomised exactly what these (mainly) young people were trying to do.  I told them it reminded me that, as a young boy during the war – 2nd WW if you’re wondering 🙂 – I remembered learning that some children in London were asked where their milk came from.  Their answer? … from a bottle.
In this simple photograph I see the wheat beautifully linked to one of its end products … the loaf.  And if the London children had seen it, it would answer another question they probably wouldn’t be able to respond to correctly, “Where does your bread come from?”
And talking of children, I was delighted to learn that these young folks organising this event, also went out into our schools – around the Grade 9 age I was told – to give them a hands-on experience.  As a retired teacher myself, I couldn’t help but feel good about that.
Later, when I got home, I summed up my experience to friends with a simple term … ‘Mega Fun’.  The social aspect of this simple activity was something I didn’t expect.  It, like the wood stove, gave me a warm fuzzy feeling, something I mused that we may have moved away from over the years, living in our concrete jungles like Vancouver.

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