Kickin’ it old school

A tale from the crypt…

The goddess Isis discovered the grain of both wheat and barley, which grew wild over the land but was still unknown Egyptians. Her husband, Osiris taught them how to plant the seeds when the Nile had risen in the yearly inundation and sunk again leaving fresh fertile mud over the fields; how to tend and water the crops; how to cut the grain when it was ripe; how to thresh the grain on the threshing floors, and dry it and grind it to flour and make it into bread. Bread in ancient Egypt came in all shapes, from circles to pyramids. A pharoah’s tomb could have an figure of Isis planted with grains in the crypt. The tomb was sealed before the grains sprouted, knowing that the grains left behind were springing forth with new life in homage to Isis.

Unfortunately Osiris will not be available to teach the Lawns to Loaves growers how to tend the crops, so you’ll have to settle for emailing for growers with any queries.


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