Wheat Field/Dance Class

Despite a cool summer, the enthusiasm is through the roof for our grain growers right now. Seeing the plants transform from looking like grass to looking like wheat is mesmerizing for growers. Meanwhile younger community members are enjoying the benefits of a new space to play.

Demonstrating how a wheat field can double as a dance space

Ta da! Look at all this wheat


Joy of Feeding

Last weekend UBC Farm hosted “Joy of Feeding” an event celebrating local cooks sharing their favourite recipes. Lawns to Loaves shared some bread made from 100% locally grown flour. Thanks to Claire for making those delicious loaves. The most important ingredient was present in all the food… love.


A map celebrating Lawns to Loaves 2012 growers across the Lower Mainland.

Claire rocked the loaf, threshing the wheat in her apartment and producing a true urban loaf.

Photos from a field

Ancient grains for planting outside local bakeries

Planter box at Terra Breads gets some Lawns to Loaves love

Thanks to everyone who is sending in photos of their mini wheat fields in process. Keep ’em coming!

Getting to know where bread comes from

Beautiful green rows

A few sprouts on an otherwise blank canvas