Join in Saturday OCTOBER 6, the Lawns to Loaves harvest celebration! 11am to 3pm at the Eco-Pavilion in the Strathcona Community Garden near Hawks and Prior.

Pedal power! Grain milling.

Learn how to “thresh” the wheat and follow the grain from a shaft of wheat to a pizza!

Get your pedal powered milling groove on! We’ll be milling this year’s Vancouver grown grains.


We’ll be firing up the oven to bake the locally grown wheat into tasty snacks.

Check out crafty creations made by weaving straw.

If you’ve been growing grains this year for Lawns to Loaves please bring them to be pooled and processed at the celebration. If you have several pounds please email to arrange prior drop-off and threshing.

Truly a hands-on event. All are welcome to this free event, come and learn more about Lawns to Loaves and pitch in the fun.


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