Thresh your way to success

Thresh 2thresh handleAn ingenious home-made machine was used to thresh last year’s Lawns to Loaves shared harvest. Threshing gets the grains off the shaft and loosens the chaff. With the homemade machine, the grains are fed into one end, and with the turn of the handle we are one step closer to pizza! Thanks to Kelly for sharing this great machine with the community and to her brother for building it!

The old fashioned method works too, get your back into it!

This old fashioned method of threshing works too, get your back into it!



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  1. hello. this is a lovely tool can you show me how to buid it for my pupils in my school. i teach in an elementry school in jerusalem Israel. thanks eri govrin

    • Wow! That’s really neat that you found our blog and teach in Jerusalem. We love hearing about projects all over the world. When we work with schools we thresh the grains by hand, even though it takes a long time, this sometimes adds to the students appreciation of the finished product. That being said, I’ll see about getting plans for this “machine.” What kind of grain are you growing?

      • hi
        we have a 37 lessons a year for 10-11 years old 5th grade all about wheat. the plant is in the center so we talk about the history the bible, commodoties , hunger physiological and anatomy aspects problem caused ny wheat and many more things. . we also grow the plant and use local type that is pathogen resistant and cold too. the one thing is the thrasher which we want to build. so this is why we thought you can help
        thanks eri govrin
        i will be more than happy to share with you our project if you want.

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