Be a part of Lawns to Loaves 2013

Become a community grain grower!

All growers pool the wheat to be shared in an autumn harvest celebration.The shared wheat is threshed and milled using a bicycle mill, and baked fresh in a wood fired oven for all to enjoy.  Receive free grains to plant and information on how to grow wheat in your yard this spring.

When: Sat April 6, 1pm – 3pm

Location: In the garden house, in the Strathcona Community Garden. Near Hawks & Prior in Vancouver.

What: Sign up to get involved and pick up your free wheat seeds. Get advice and get info on wheat planting.

Growers can have any size plot to join Lawns to Loaves. The more the merrier! Across the Lower Mainland; Schools, bakeries, community centres and community members of all ages are welcome.

Kids Harvest


2 responses

  1. Hi there,
    I am a teacher at Van Tech. I am working on developing a curriculum piece for my socials class that looks at the development of agriculture and technology. The big questions we are hoping to answer are:

    Why have some people accumulated great riches over time while others have remained poor?

    How is our current food system connected to global inequality?

    What are solutions for a broken food system and global inequality?

    In addressing these issues, I will be introducing students to the two major (tragically ironic) problems facing the world of food: 1. Where there is enough food, it is mostly unhealthy and dangerous. 2. Where there is not enough food, people starve. I will not only be looking at the developing world but also the problems of hunger and poverty here in Canada.

    As a part of this project, I have a small patch of garden I will be working with the students. I would love to participate in the Lawns to Loaves project with my students. I wonder if there is any chance someone from your project would be interested in coming into my classroom (indoor or outdoor space) to speak about the project, possibly do a demo on grains, etc.

    Thanks ,

    chael macarthur

    • Thanks for your thoughtful curriculum piece. We work closely with a few schools, mostly through Growing Kids which is an Environmental Youth Alliance program. Last year we planted rye at Van Tech! I will get back to you and see what the plan is for this year! Julia

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