Toast and eggs anyone?

The latest school group to plant wheat seeds and join the Lawns to Loaves team is Spectrum Alternate School in Vancouver. You may have heard about this school recently as they just got CHICKENS. You can learn all about it on their cleverly named  blog – Speggtrum.

Wheat and chickens make a great pair. Just like us, chickens like to eat wheat. Chickens love straw, and they especially love the chaff which often has a few wheat seeds remaining in it for a nice snack. Not to mention how delicious fresh eggs are when paired with bread from freshly milled flour.

Wheat Bike

A bike transports straw and a bag of chaff for some city dwelling chickens after the Lawns to Loaves 2011 harvest party.


How to plant a small wheat patch

If you can grow grass, you can grow grains. Grains are grass after all!

  • To plant the seed, there are two options:

Broadcast – by throwing/spreading seeds in sweeping arcs.

Plant in rows – recommended for beginners. Also makes it easier to weed and play in. Plant each seed by hand.

  • Space seeds no closer then 1 inch apart. (The plants will fill in the gaps and this also keeps them from falling over.)
  • Once you have spread the seed, cover  with a few centimetres of soil or rake the seeds in. Be sure and tamp the soil down to get contact between the seed and the soil.
  • Give it a drink of water.
  • Pat yourself on the back and enjoy the magic unfolding.

A video of Chris the Flour Peddler demonstrating how to plant a small patch.