How to plant a small wheat patch

If you can grow grass, you can grow grains. Grains are grass after all!

  • To plant the seed, there are two options:

Broadcast – by throwing/spreading seeds in sweeping arcs.

Plant in rows – recommended for beginners. Also makes it easier to weed and play in. Plant each seed by hand.

  • Space seeds no closer then 1 inch apart. (The plants will fill in the gaps and this also keeps them from falling over.)
  • Once you have spread the seed, cover  with a few centimetres of soil or rake the seeds in. Be sure and tamp the soil down to get contact between the seed and the soil.
  • Give it a drink of water.
  • Pat yourself on the back and enjoy the magic unfolding.

A video of Chris the Flour Peddler demonstrating how to plant a small patch.


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