We bid farewell

After several years of heartwarming community collaborations, the Lawns to Loaves project will not be continuing in it’s present form. The Environmental Youth Alliance has been running it “off the side of the desk” for a few years, and though a fabulous project, it isn’t something we will continue in 2014.

pizza ovenHowever, there will still be plenty of ways to stay involved with EYA, with communities of grain growers, and hands-on fun!

We will still have a Fall Frolic in 2014 to enjoy harvest time together, stoke up the oven and bake goodies. Everyone welcome.

Thank-you to all the participants. Your ingenuity and enthusiasm are infectious!


Want to participate in community grain-related projects?

Aberthau: Flax= Food + Fiber is back! This year there will be lots of programming around growing wheat, rye, flax and more. Weaving, eating, fun times!

Hands-on gardening in EYA’s Youth Garden. Year round volunteer opportunities, learn to save seeds.

The North Shore’s Edible Garden Project has been known for growing and processing grains.

Want to grow your own grain?

embraceThere are lots of great places to get some very unique heritage varieties, try:

Salt Spring Seeds

Prairie Garden Seeds

EYA’s Urban Seeds

To process your grains for eating, without a mill there are plenty of whole grain wheat recipes. For those looking to make flour, a mill will be necessary. To make a mill more affordable try sharing with friends, or perhaps a local community kitchen has one?


heartSupport local grain growers

Urban Grains CSA supported the project with seed donations. Check ’em out!

Lawns to Loaves wouldn’t have been possible without Chris Hergesheimer, The Flour Peddler. Here is an interview with him:


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