Seed to Sandwich

See how this same Lawns to Loaves concept is taking root overseas. Bake Your Lawn gets local in the UK, teaching folks to grow, mill, bake and eat their bread. Hopefully ideas like this will keep sprouting up…

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Many hands make loaf work


Latest Video

An interview with Chris Hergesheimer about the Lawns to Loaves project with photos of our 2011 project. Inspiring stuff!

Sign the Petition to Support the Canadian Wheat Board


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 Support the right of farmers to decide the future of their grain-marketing organization, the Canadian Wheat Board, and ask Parliament to allow a democratic vote of all Western Canadian Farmers on proposed changes to the Canadian Wheat Board’s marketing structure, as guaranteed by Section 47.1 of the Canadian Wheat Board Act.

Anyone who has grown and milled their own grain knows how much work it takes. Support the farmers who grow our daily bread.