Get involved!

Since 2011 community members, students, teachers, bakers and kids grew over 80 pounds of urban wheat! Most of the grains were pooled together, and after processing them we enjoyed baking them into the best pizzas, soups, breads and cookies some had ever eaten! This is a great chance to learn about where food comes from and have fun while doing it.

More than just growing wheat, Lawns to Loaves is about community engagement and education.

Ways to get involved:

Become a Lawns to Loaves grower – Receive grains to plant and information on how to grow wheat. Wheat is planted as soon as the soil can be worked in the spring, most urban growers use a patch of their lawn or garden. All growers pool the wheat to be shared for processing after harvest. Learn to thresh and mill the grains. Celebrate in the fall with baked goods made from this year’s collaboratively grown wheat.

Bakeries – Grow a bed of wheat outside your bakery. Lawns to Loaves provides raised beds, as well as some beautiful ancient wheat varieties.

Students and teachers – We do workshops for kids to learn more about how human civilization is tied to ancient grains, and explore our relationship to grains today. With plenty of hands on planting time! All full this year, please email for more info.

Curious people – stay in touch with our blog for invitations to Lawns to Loaves workshops and celebrations.

To get involved, email


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