Connect the Plots

Wed Aug 1st – 6:30pm at the Strathcona Community Garden.

This is going to be a magical event… featuring locally grown Vancouver wheat!

This celebration will include theatrical roving characters, pizza made from Lawns to Loaves wheat and baked on site, a presentation of a “Places that Matter” plaque by the Vancouver Heritage Foundation and a special appearance by a Celtic sun god. Be prepared to test your skills, divulge your secret fears and enter the Espalier of Hope. Come join the feast and bring your picnic supplies (plate, cup, napkin and a blanket)

If you’d like to volunteer, email Hartley at:

On the full moon of August 1st, the Stratchcona Community Gardeners, Theatre on Earth Collective and Environmental Youth Alliance re-imagine Lughnasadh  an ancient harvest festival, with Connect the Plots, a fantastical reveling in the bounty that surrounds us.

Connect the Plots, a new incarnation of the annual Strathcona Community Garden open house, is a collaboration between urban gardeners, theatre artists and an environmentally based not-for-profit organization. They will throw open the garden gates for a free all-ages village fair in Vancouver’s first community garden, an urban oasis at the heart of our beautiful city.


Teaching, learning and pancakes

Educators from across the Lower Mainland did some hands-on learning at the Think & Eat Green Summer Institute. Lawns to Loaves provided some Vancouver grown grains to make yummy pancakes, and inspire teachers to use grain growing in schools as a way to promote meaningful learning experiences. The workshop outlined how learning about things like ancient grains can tie into classroom learning, and also provide an exciting way to learn more about the past, present and future of the grain crops we rely on.

Yum. The taste of learning.

The whole grain flour was freshly milled and sweet!